Tax Assessor

Office of the Tax Assessor

The Tax Assessor is required to be a Certified Tax Assessor be the state of New Jersey and is appointed for a term of four years. He or she may achieve tenure after four consecutive years.

Before taxes can be levied, all properties in the borough must be evaluated. The statutes require the Tax Assessor to evaluate property on October 1st in each year. After examination, the Tax Assessor determines full and fair value of each parcel of real property in the district. The Union County Board of Taxation may suggest a re-evaluation every five years based on 100 percent valuation of the property.

The Collector of Taxes position is mandated by the state law. He or she is appointed to a four-year term and may achieve tenure after serving five consecutive years. He or she is required to be licensed by the state of New Jersey as a Certified Tax Collector. The collector is responsible for the billing, collection, and recording of all taxes and sewer fees levied upon the properties in Mountainside.